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an aesthetically and socially-driven fashion technology lab that makes electronic fashion and displays with cutting edge smart fabrics and textiles.  We create unique experiences for Events, R&D, Consumer Products, the Red Carpet and Displays. 

We always have new products or projects in development. You can see and click on a number of projects to your right or talk to us. We'd love to help you!

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Switch Embassy Services


Need small run wearable technology production? If you need a small run of wearable technology units, we can make it happen. Through our partnerships with production facilities in Romania, Italy, Switzerland, China, and the United States we are able to produce leather goods, garments, interiors, and more. 


Started or have a wearable idea, but not sure how to take to the next level? We are experts in technology selection and integration for wearable technology. We offer consulting services on how to select, integrate, and produce solutions to speed up your product process and save money. The output is a roadmap to the product or solution you want. 

Strategic Development

Want to make a wearable technology product, but don't know where to start? We listen to you and work with you and your team to understand your wearable technology goals. We jump in and do design and strategy deep dives to help you create the elegant solution you desire. The output is a roadmap to the product or solution you want AND prototypes to begin your journey.

Our Approach

At Switch Embassy we start with the customer. With over a combined 70 years of experience in Industrial Design, Fashion Design, Gaming, Programming and Operations; we understand that a perfect solution to wearable tech is about experience and seamless integration.  We dive deep. We listen to desires to learn and assess the most elegant solution. To learn more, check out our tshirtOS case study and get a better understanding of how we work. 

Case Study: tshirtOS


Alison Lewis    CEO and Creative Director,

Alison Lewis 

CEO and Creative Director,

Peter Swearengen    VP of Product

Peter Swearengen

VP of Product

Peter Jones   VP of Operations

Peter Jones

VP of Operations

Florentin Hortopan   Lead Industrial Designer

Florentin Hortopan

Lead Industrial Designer