It all started when…

Alison kept getting calls to do some very difficult innovative projects.

She decided to band together with talented senior creatives and make The Switch Collective under the Embassy Brand. The Switch Collective is a group of gifted and skillful creatives that help cutting edge brands and technologies tell their story.

We have come together because we revel in communicating ideas that are difficult and unique.

Our group is an eclectic mix of product design, archetecture, creative direction, installation, motion graphics, branding, graphics and web design.

Some of our past clients include:

  • Google X
  • Made In Space
  • Bose
  • Oxygen Network
  • Nelson

The Switch Collective - it's just beginning.

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Alison Lewis

Alison is a Creative Director with an eye for innovation. With 20 years in design strategy, branding, and product innovation and as an entrepreneur herself, she brings a wealth of knowledge and connections with the ability to execute in the challenging startup ecosystem. She also shares her insight outside of the workplace by fostering community in STEM and public speaking on subjects of creativity in entrepreneurship and fashion technology. Alisons Site.


Natalie To

Experienced Senior Motion Graphics Designer with 10 years at Oxygen, part of NBCUniversal. Skilled in Branding, Marketing, Design, Art Direction, Storyboarding, Animation and the Adobe Creative Suite. Strong arts and design professional graduated with MFA from Parsons School of Design. Natalie's portfolio.


Joe Tubb

Working in an industry that relies heavily on Visual Communications, The core of my experience has been surrounded by the Architectural industry and the wealth of knowledge I have obtained has allowed me to develop and leverage new flexible tools to provide clients with the ability to see their projects come to life before breaking ground. The development of these tools is just one small aspect of how I leverage my talents. Project management, developing relationships and creating well thought out strategies are key to the successful completion of any project. []. Joe's Portfolio.

Anna Notovska

Anna has spent the last 20 years as a visual designer and honing her skills in UI/UX design AI and healthcare based software. Anna has a keen eye for layout and can quickly adjust her style to fit any brand. She has an extensive background and a 14+ years of experience in senior level graphic/web/mobile design, UI architecture, User Experience design and CSS/HTML coding.


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